August 23, 2021

Dear Friends of Jesus and Mary,

I invite you to come with us on a pilgrimage to Maranatha Spring and Shrine in October 2021, the home of Holy Love Ministries.  This shrine, located near North Ridgeville, Ohio welcomes tens of thousands of pilgrims annually from around the world who are traveling on a spiritual journey toward personal holiness.  Since 1985, God the Father, Blessed Mother, Jesus, and many angels and saints have appeared to the visionary Maureen on an almost daily basis to prepare souls for Jesus’ return through the simple gospel message of loving God above all and neighbor as self.

The water from the spring is a source of grace for physical and spiritual healing and for healing of the heart.  Many miracles have been witnessed and, after returning home, pilgrims say they have experienced changed lives and now walk on a spiritual path. Our Blessed Mother has called this Shrine the “Lourdes of this Continent”.  Every pilgrim that visits with an open heart does not leave unaffected for Heaven knows and gives what each pilgrim needs.

God the Father said this month:
“My Presence, My Son’s Presence and the Holy Mother’s Presence can always be felt here.  All the sacrifices souls make to be here are remarkably rewarded.  Our next big prayer event will be celebrated on October 7th, the Feast of the Holy Rosary.  I look forward to graciously welcoming those who make the effort to attend.”

Our bus will leave from St. Teresa’s, Sugar Land, TX at about 7:00 AM the morning on Monday, October 4th and arrive at our hotel in Westlake, OH by the afternoon of the 5th.  We sleep on the bus in recliner seats. We will also be picking up pilgrims in Louisiana, Alabama and Cincinnati on the way. We will visit the Shrine on Tuesday day evening, all day Wednesday and all day Thursday, leaving after the Rosary at about 5 PM and arriving home in Houston by about 7:00 PM Friday evening, October, 8th.   We drop off Cincinnati Pilgrims by about 10:30 PM Thursday Evening, and Alabama and Louisiana pilgrims sometime Friday afternoon.

To register and learn more details, click here (REGISTER).  Please consider this e-mail your personal invitation to join us to learn what Heaven teaches about how to enter the Divine Will through the intimacy of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Thank you and may God bless you with the Complete Blessing of the United Hearts and the Holy Trinity.

Yours in Jesus and Mary,

Paul Cranley